Wireless nurse call display for 24 Bed/toilet model THB-C17WG24

6,170,000 تومان

The place of installation of this monitor is in the nursing station and with the help of this monitor, the nursing station can be informed about the calls made by the patients of each room.

Specifications of the wireless nurse call display:

  •  Ability to display and voice announcement of room, bed and toilet numbers in two languages
  •  Full color display panel to show the priority of calling a nurse based on color
  • The ability to display calls for all beds and toilets at the same time
  • Ability to customize the display panel based on the type and number of beds
  • Smart volume adjustment based on the hours of the day and night
  • Equipped with an accurate digital clock
  • 110 degree viewing angle raised indicators
  • One year warranty and five years after-sales service